Life is a circle.

You probably have heard of this saying many times in the past. But, when was the last time you felt it yourself?

My latest one was yesterday. I remember around the same time last year, I was sick too. The reason that I remember that is because I wrote a blog on LinkedIn about it. It was, in fact, my very first blog on LinkedIn. There I said I have thought a lot about life, and my conclusion was that life is not only about action but also about consistency. Twelve months on, here I am, sick again – this is like a circle of sickness and health.

And for the past twelve months, I have written nine articles only (The last one was published on a magazine and I simply re-posted here). Despite my determination to be consistent, it’s definitely very inconsistent by all means. Although I had the usual excuses like “busy season” or “family reason”, I know what it actually was – it was another circle. The circle of determination and regret.

From time to time, we all become very determined about something (e.g. going to the gym), only to be regretted later for not keeping the promise. But don’t worry, the right moment will come again (e.g. the New Year of 2020), so we can make that determination again (called “new year resolution”). I personally go through this “gym-regret” circle every year, and I know you do too.

So I decided to read the only nine articles I wrote in the past twelve months and see what other circles I can find. My second article was about career advice from my father. He’s going to retire soon. Congratulations to him for completing a big circle there. My third article was about the One-child Policy in China. It’s a seemingly brilliant policy that has a lot to do with China’s economic miracle in the past 40 years, also has everything to do with the upcoming labor shortage and economic downturn. This economic circle, in my opinion, will take about a century to come around. My fourth article was about saying Goodbye to WeChat the social app. The cover I picked for the post was a circle by itself.

But it’s the fifth post got my eyes in tears. There I talked about the ultimate shortcut in life (suicide), and why people shouldn’t go there. But unfortunately, one of my friend from work had taken that shortcut this year. It happened right in the middle of the busy season and the night before “R U OK” day. It was one of the darkest days in my audit career. The whole office attended his funeral. We were encouraged to take time off to reflect on what happened. Still, everyone, including myself, preferred to stay busy so we can avoid thinking about it too much – not before we get those audits signed and reports tabled.

Two months have passed, and I hope everyone has made peace and moved on with our busy life. But I know that I’m not done yet. There’s one more thing to do. I have to write about the dear friend I lost – even I won’t mention his name – so that I can always remember him, especially his big and genuine smile.

For me, the circle starts when we first met at the office and closes at the end of this article. Then, in my universe, he will reincarnate and come back to my life, hopefully in the same form with the same smile.

I am sure I will meet you again, my friend, because life is a circle.

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