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The New Chinese: how they are changing Australia (Wiley)

Interview with Kevin Turner, “How to Attract Chinese Buyers”, RealEstateTalk, July 21st 2017.

Kevin:  In the last 30 years, China has transformed itself into one of the world’s leaders in political, economic, and social relations. With Australia a hotspot for Chinese immigrants, understanding the cultural nuances – both from an Australian and Chinese perspective – is more important than ever.

In his book The New Chinese, author Barry Li has written an essential guide on the history, culture, and mindset of Chinese migrants in Australia. He joins me to talk about the book and the influences on Australia of having Chinese investors.

Barry, thank you very much for your time.

Barry:  Thank you, Kevin, for having me. It’s a pleasure.

Kevin:  That’s okay. Barry, how do Chinese buyers feel about how we discuss their buying Aussie property impacts on our prices?

Barry:  Well, to answer that, Kevin, I need to divide the Chinese into two groups. One is the group who works here and lives here, permanent residents like myself. We make Australian salaries, so it’s as difficult for us to compete with overseas buyers as any Australian. We would feel the comment is unfair, but we totally understand why – because typical Australians can’t tell the difference.

For the second group, the Chinese from overseas, they don’t care about these comments. These comments won’t stop them from buying, because they don’t read our media or our social media.

They only look at things from Weibo and WeChat, which are largely controlled by property developers, and there’s probably only positive news about investing in Australia, which is the reason they buy here. So, that’s the situation.

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