Colours & Chinese Culture

This topic was developed as I was traveling in Blue Mountains in New South Wales. It’s a famous tourist attraction that I’ve been there for many times. It’s called Blue Mountains. Because when you see from a far distance, the mountain looks bluish .It’s called Blue Mountains in English, and in Chinese is called “蓝山“. “蓝” is for blue. “山“ is for mountain or hill. So let’s start with this color – Blue

In English, Blue is a type of music, and blue can sometimes means sadness. But in Chinese, blue does not have these meanings. Blue as a color was rarely used in ancient Chinese to express emotion, or even to describe a blue sky. We think that the sky is blue in English, but in China, in ancient times, we rarely say blue sky, but rather we say white sky “苍天”, “苍” is the same as “白” which is White in Chinese. So it’s just an ancient way of describing the color of sky which is “苍”. So next, let’s always white.

White is a color of purity in English. That’s why girls wear, e.g. white dress white wedding dress when they get married. In China it is the opposite, we cannot wear white at a wedding. Instead, you wear red. In Chinese white is a color for funeral. If you go to a funeral in China, you can either wear black or white part in China …