I’d like to sincerely thank the following people who made this book possible.

First, my mentor, Glenda Korporaal, who was kind enough to coach me over several months on writing a book in English. Christine Brooks and Samantha Berry, from the University of New South Wales, found me my amazing mentor. Jan Stewart, from Hub Australia, and successful author Gabrielle Dolan, from Thought Leaders Global, introduced me to Wiley, the publisher of my dreams. I can’t thank them enough for helping me so generously and selflessly.

Wiley staff members Lucy Raymond, Clare Dowdell, Chris Shorten and Ingrid Bond worked hard in the background to turn my manuscript into a real book. I feel they devoted so much energy to this book not because it will become the next bestseller, but because they value cultural diversity and respect the story of an ordinary migrant like me. I greatly appreciate that generosity. I’m even more grateful to my editor, Jem Bates, who worked so hard to correct my poor grammar and wording, but always gave me recognition and encouragement.

Writing this book turned out to be like running a marathon with no previous training. Without the tremendous support of my boss at Audit Office of New South Wales, Renee Meimaroglou, the journey simply wouldn’t have begun. WhenI showed a draft of the first chapter to my friend Sissi Qian, her comments (including words like ‘fabulous’ and ‘classic’!) inspired me to continue the journey. Once I had a complete draft, the challenge of finding a publisher again weighed me
down, until Ann Persky from CPA Australia, who has managed the CPA library for decades, looked it over and declared she found it very interesting. I simply would not have finished the journey without all this encouragement.

My idea of writing this book was born while I was reading The Naked CEO by CPA Australia CEO Alex Malley, who has been an important role model in my career. I refer in the book to other individuals who have inspired me, whether they be people around me, such as Jane Lu of Showpo, or public figures I have never met in person, such as Australia’s former prime minister Kevin Rudd; Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba; Cunxin Li, author of Mao’s Last Dancer; and famous Chinese journalist Chai Jing. Thank you all for enriching my life and my book.

Lastly, my lovely wife, Zhen, and my wonderful children, Nathan and Alexander. You have all made sacrifices so I could carve out the time to write this book. I’m here to give back to you for the rest of my life.

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